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At TBWA\Chiat\Day New York we believe that creating a space for Allyship and education is crucial to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment.

We recognize that the fastest way to create the agency we want to be is to work hard to understand each other, to see each other, to hear each other.

And once we do this we know that this will help us make the best work of our lives.

We have a number of vibrant ERGs where we seek camaraderie, education opportunities and where we promote and support the communities around us.

The way that our communities work and share together is building a practice of intersectional thinking as we make an effort to walk in each others shoes.

Black\ — Black\Zine

Our Black ERG, Black\ creates a regular zine as a means of educating others about the richness and diversity of Black culture.

The zines and associated events present the many facets of Blackness alongside quotes and insight from industry leaders. They also feature inspiring campaigns that aim to depict Blackness authentically.

The zines include employee quotes, deep dives with creators, audio and written interviews and support Black businesses by giving them an audience in the agency.

Jewish ERG — The Matzo Project 

TBWA’s Jewish ERG launched The Matzo Project during Passover, an initiative that shared stories, recipes, and traditions to spread awareness and education about their culture and history. 
The Jewish ERG invited and encouraged the agency to participate and try and post pictures of their recipes. For each image shared, The Jewish ERG donated $18 to Anti-Defamation League, which resulted in $1,800 donated in total to the ADL.

We/Our/Us — Personal Gender Pronouns 

Our LGBTQIA+ ERG rolled out an initiative to educate the agency on the importance of Personal Gender Pronouns.

Everyone was encouraged to put their own pronouns into their signatures and profiles to promote awareness of the broad spectrum of gender identities in the agency and to reduce assumptions about others’ identities.

Across Pride month the ERG hosted several events and created content pieces that also picked up on the topic of intersectionality and how important it is to understand.

TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

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